Tara Bradley Williams

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* Spanish Basics for the Workplace - 90 minutes  Most Popular

* Spanish for Educators - 90 minutes

* Spanish for Health Care - 90 minutes

* Spanish for Law Enforcement - 90 minutes

* Spanish for Social Services - 90 minutes

* Customized program and length using any of our 15 industries


·         Great interactive activities, helped with learning curve.

·         Very well done and very topical. Well presented. The time flew by meaning fun and interesting.

·         Very useful! Muy bien.

·         Very good.

·         Engaging, learned a lot

·         Loved the presentation, it will be useful.

·         Very useful and helpful.

·         Tara was a very good speaker.

·         Interesting, pretty basic, but probably great for some as beginning to speak Spanish.

·         Excellent idea having after lunch.

·         Tons of fun.

·         Fun, informative.

·         Nice change of pace. Some great info.

·         Good learning experience.

·         Interesting and fun.

·         Loved this!

·         Great speaker after lunch. Helped to move around and talked to others.

·         Lots of fun, very informative, handouts excellent.

·         Great new presentation. Very relevant since workforce is growing with Spanish speaking employees.

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