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Online Medical Spanish Courses

​​Tara Bradley Williams, the founder of Pronto Spanish, has written and is the facilitator of two 6-week, instructor-led online courses through ed2go - the industry leader for adult online learning. New courses begin each month, allowing students to start whenever their schedule permits. Students can enroll through their local college/university or directly through ed2go.

  • Spanish for Medical Professionals - This course is perfect for the absolute beginning Spanish student or someone who feels a bit "rusty" in their Spanish. The course begins with the Spanish basics, such as pronunciation, numbers, and greetings, and then moves on to Medical Spanish, including body parts, organs, medical conditions, admitting and discharge, exams, emergencies, and general patient care. Very little grammar is included in this course as the focus is more on conversation. Syllabus

  • Spanish for Medical Professionals II - This course is designed to follow the first Spanish for Medical Professionals course, but also great for someone who already knows the basics of Spanish and would like to add Medical Spanish to their vocabulary. More Spanish grammar is included, as well as general words/phrases related to the medical front office, nursing on hospital floors, assessing patients, and to the specialties of mental health, OB/GYN, radiology, orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dentistry, optometry, dietary, and pharmacy. Syllabus

(These courses can be taken separately or bundled together for additional savings through the Medical Spanish series.)

Medical Spanish Books

Tara has also authored Medical Spanish: A Pronto Reference & Study Guide and a 4-page Pronto Guide: Spanish for Health Care.  Both are these are available at in both Print and Kindle versions.  

What makes the Medical Spanish book so unique is not only does it include common Medical Spanish vocabulary, but it also draws on Tara's background as a licensed Spanish and ESL teacher to give readers ideas and activities on how to practice these new words either by yourself, with a partner, or in a small group. Perfect for a structured Medical Spanish class or informal Spanish conversation group!

Would you like to speak with Spanish-speaking patients or extend your practice to include Spanish-speaking patients? Would you like to advance your career? Pronto Spanish would like to help you!