Bridging the Gap in Comunicación

Read what a few of our students are saying about our courses:

"This was the first online course I have taken. I look forward to taking more. The instructor was outstanding, she responded to questions and comments in a timely manner and made discussions pleasant and a pleasure to learn from."

"Being of Spanish descent, the Lessons helped me to learn the very Basics (alphabet, numbers, letters, verbs) which I had not known before. The Lessons covered everything I needed to know to speak properly when I used my Spanish language with others."

"I liked the class very much. I already knew a plethora of Spanish words, but I forgot most of their meanings as I have little use in my everyday life. The instructor was not only very knowledgeable of the subject, but used humor to help the definitions of some tricky Spanish words stick. Well done."

Specifically from our "Spanish for Medical Professionals 1 & 2" courses

  • "I really, really enjoyed Ms. Tara immensely. The way she involved you with the virtual families was great. There were serious moments, (those verbs), fun moments with Hector, Maria, and the Acostas and so much love with Javier and Pili. Just a wonderful, wonderful learning experience and I really did learn a lot. I always thought learning Spanish would be difficult and frustrating, but Ms. Tara made is easy and fun. Thank you so very much! Ms. Tara is A VERY EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR and I would recommend her class to anyone and everyone. Thank you again."

  • "This was the best foreign language class that I have ever taken!! The content was paced well and very relevant to the health care field. The summary sheets and vocabulary lists along with the suggestions for supplemental reading were invaluable resources. The patient vignettes were fun and respected cultural differences. The teacher anticipated areas of confusion and provided guidance. I would recommend this course to any health care colleague working with Spanish speaking patients."

  • "LOVED that I could proceed at my own pace in this course. Tara did a great job of offering encouragement, sprinkled with little doses of humor to keep our attention. Each lesson flowed perfectly...not too long and not too short. I rarely felt the need to post in discussions because I felt comfortable and confident in what I was learning in the lessons; but, I did enjoy reading everyone's posts and felt that Tara provided very timely responses. (I Think Tara was MORE attentive and 'on-the-ball" more so than some classroom instructors I've had!) Great job, Tara!"

  • "Wonderful course. Very approachable and not too difficult. Every person working in the medical profession who interacts with Spanish speaking patients should take this course!"

  • "Spanish for Medical Professionals II is a fun online course and very user friendly."

  • "Tara Williams is an excellent teacher!! I LOVED the class. The interactive puzzles and games were a wonderful teaching tool that helped me remember the vocabulary and correct spelling. I have taken a lot of online courses, but this one was the best. The balanced format kept the class interesting and challenging. Thank you. I hope that you would create another advanced Spanish class."

  • "It was awesome to take this course!"

  • "Very helpful course. Most was a review as I use Spanish daily at work but there were definitely some vocabulary words that will only serve to further me in my career. The look on the patients and parents face when I begin speaking to them in Spanish never gets old. Thanks!"

  • "Wonderful class. The grammar lessons were perfect. Spanish was my first language but it was forgotten long ago. Although I could understand a lot of Spanish, I could not speak it well enough. The problem: conjugation. The grammar lessons were explained so simply, that it was an, "Ah-ha" moment each time. Thanks for a great class!!"

Specifically from our "Spanish for the Classroom" course

  • "Great class and extremely relevant to education and classroom use. It was just the right amount of everything and very applicable at the same time. I like the use of real world examples and the audio files were extremely helpful. I would recommend this course to my colleagues for sure!"

  • "Excellent class! I took Spanish years ago but forgot many of the details and words that I needed to be confident speaking Spanish to my bilingual students. This course has refreshed my memory and restored my confidence! Thank you!"

  • "I really enjoyed his class-it was to the point, very focused and useful to a teacher with many Spanish speaking students and families."

  • "For an old retired teacher determined to learn Spanish, this course was perfect! I am beginning to be able to converse with my Spanish students when I substitute and they appreciate the effort. EXCELENTE!!"

  • "This instructor did an excellent job selecting material that would be immediately useful to a classroom teacher. I thought it was an extremely beneficial course, taught in an easy to relate with manner."

  • "This course was great!...Working with primary students whose native language is Spanish, I was able to communicate with my students, they were willing to assist me with my pronunciation, the fluency of the language, and the information in the course wasn't overwhelming. The instructor also gives students in this class feedback in the discussion area in a timely matter too!"

  • "I really liked the format of this course. The lessons were engaging, the stories of the children provided a realistic way to practice skills, and the assignments were helpful. I learned a lot --it was a great course for beginners and I love that it was tailored to the classroom."

  • "Thank you for offering this course.  I was thrilled to find a beginning Spanish class tailored to the classroom.  I really enjoyed the lessons--they were creative and engaging.  The assignments were all very helpful and useful and I very much appreciated that there was no "busy work" to be completed.  The techniques you employ are great examples of best practices in teaching, very much a brain-based format for learning.  I learned a great deal from this class and am looking forward to trying out some of my newly-acquired language skills and plan to continue on with other Spanish classes.  You are an excellent, organized, well-prepared teacher who is obviously passionate about the topic."

Specifically from the "Spanish for Law Enforcement" course

  • "This course allowed me to have confidence in the training I have already received and will assist me in my future goals. Thank you for making this course available and very informative. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you Tara!"

  • "Loved taking this class and it will help me utilize my skills in the workforce. The pronunciations of the words were a big help. Thanks for a great class."

  • "This course was the most organized and best presented course I have taken for studying Spanish. As a Law Enforcement Agent, this course structured around the daily conversation of communication with those of Spanish descent. Very happy with this course."

  • "This was helpful in allowing me to recall my many years of Spanish. I also learned new words that will help in speaking with defendants who visit my court."

  • "Awesome course and useful not only for law enforcement but for anyone wanting to learn Spanish. Thanks again Tara!"