Customized Spanish Plan

Personalize a Language Training Plan specifically for you

If your employees are serious about learning and improving Spanish for their jobs, the customized Spanish plan - based on their language goals - will help them get there.

Personalized Workplace Spanish Coaching

Employees will work with their coach to create a personalized language learning plan with customized homework and progress reports for their employer.

Best for an individual employee with specific language goals.
Time Commitment: 18 Hours

Customized Spanish Plan

How it Works

Customized Spanish Plan

After taking an online self-assessment, a representative of Pronto Spanish will be in touch with your employee to create a Customized Spanish Language Plan, which will be sent to a Spanish coach. The plan will include what the employee would like to emphasize, such as Speaking, Listening, Reading, or Writing.

1-on-1 Lessons

The employee will meet with the coach tutor 12 times, at your convenience. The employee and coach will follow the Personalized Language Plan, where they will have access to over 125 online grammar and vocabulary topics to help you improve their Spanish. The tutor will continually adjust your lessons and homework depending on the particular needs and goals.


A final Progress Report will be created for the employee and their employer, which will include what was covered each week and their progress. An optional Proficiency Test will be made available, that determines the employee's current level of Proficiency in Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

$499 Package Includes:

  • 12 Hrs 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Online Self-Assessment
  • Personalized Language Learning Plan
  • Spanish Fundamentals eLearning
  • Industry-Specific eLearning
  • Customized Homework
  • Access to 75+ Additional Grammar Topics
  • Access to 50+ Additional Vocabulary Topics
  • Final Progress Report for Employer
  • Proficiency Level Test (Optional)
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