Our Mission is Simple...

To help busy employees learn Spanish they need for their jobs – on their own time, at their own pace.

Would you like to...?

…increase productivity with less miscommunication within your company?

Customize a Spanish-English training program for your employees to better communicate on the job. 

…learn industry-specific Spanish on your own time to better communicate with your co-workers?

Learn workplace vocabulary with our self-paced industry-specific Spanish courses.  

…practice and improve your Spanish conversation skills with a native-speaking coach?

Improve your conversational Spanish skills with our certified, native-Spanish speaking coaches. 

Helping to Bridge the Gap in Comunicación

Pronto Spanish has evolved from teaching Spanish weekend immersion courses to becoming a national leader in occupational Spanish materials. 
We offer online courses, language coaching, books, onsite training, and customization options for businesses.

FREE Spanish for the Workplace Pronto Guide

Start learning over 400 Spanish-English words and phrases often used in the workplace in this downloadable 4-page Spanish for the Workplace cheat sheet. Includes a pronunciation guide!

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