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Spanish teachers all have their own style, which is why these online books have been designed to complement many different teaching styles and methods. Audio, flashcards, visual representations, language tips, and links to extra resources are provided in all of the vocabulary lessons. The grammar lessons include text instruction, as well as embedded video instruction. Each online book is designed for student self-study to enhance what an instructor does in the classroom or virtually. 

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Workplace Spanish Curriculum
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Conversemos eBooks

Our ¡Conversemos! online books are modeled on our ¡A Conversar! textbook series, but provide more interactivity and grammar instruction in an online format. The eBooks are perfect for a virtual or hybrid Spanish course to allow the instructor to use valuable meeting time enhancing conversation skill

Spanish Ebook

Conversemos 1 eBook

Introduction to Spanish, including the alphabet, Spanish pronunciation, greetings, colors, numbers, food, parts of the body, likes and dislikes, family, time, small talk, prices, and simple conversational language.

Grammar topics introduced include definite and indefinite articles, plurals, subject pronouns, verb conjugation, contractions, gustar, and adjective agreement. 

Spanish Ebook

Conversemos 2 eBook

Vocabulary includes a review of Level 1, plus seasons, weather, clothing, shopping and prices, ordering food, directions, places, and tener expressions.

Grammar topics include a review of Level 1, plus prepositions, ser vs. estar, demonstrative adjectives, irregular verbs, simple future tense, and present perfect.

Spanish Ebook

Conversemos 3 eBook

Vocabulary includes a review of Levels 1 and 2, plus more food, restaurants, hotel, travel, transportation, feelings and giving opinions.

Grammar topics include a review of Levels 1 and 2, plus the present progressive, future tense, comparisons and superlatives, indefinite pronouns, and an introduction to the past tense.

Spanish Ebook

Conversemos 4 eBook

Vocabulary includes a review of Levels 1-3, plus music and dance, fields of study, plants and animals, technology, giving advice, expressing desire, health, world issues, and slang. 

Grammar topics include a review of Levels 1-3, plus an introduction to preterite and imperfect, direct and indirect objects, and relative pronouns.

Each level includes:

Student Vocabulary Guide

Complete list of English-Spanish vocabulary with phonetic pronunciation guide in a PDF format.

Extra Resources

Links to additional resources of relevant learning material by topic freely available on the web.

Instructor Guide

Conversation and game ideas for each topic that can be used in a classroom or one-on-one instruction.

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