Meet the Coaching Team

Pronto Spanish Tutors

Pronto Spanish has partnered with these native-speaking Spanish language coaches in Guatemala to help professionals improve and practice their Spanish skills. While they have been working together as a team for the past 15 years, each language coach is actually an independent contractor. 

Learn more about each language coach and read student testimonials on their personal profile pages.

  • Masters Degree in Social Work
  • Enjoys playing basketball with her kids, cooking traditional Guatemalan food, Latin music, and dancing.
  • BA in Elementary Education
  • Enjoys walking in the mountains, listening to music, dancing, reading, and drinking good coffee.
  • Degree from the Universidad Galileo Guatemala
  • Loves and enjoys her job as a Spanish teacher.
  • BA in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language to Foreign Students
  • Enjoys walking her dog, reading, and listening to music.
  • BA in Secondary Education 
  • Enjoys history, cooking, Guatemalan literature, reading, and helping people learn a new language
  • BA in Elementary Education & Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, Law degree
  • Enjoys cooking, traveling, hiking, politics, and making clothes. 
  • BA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
  • Enjoys volunteering with children with different physical disabilities, doing crafts, and exercising
  • Double Major in Secondary Education in Language and Literature & Teaching Spanish Language and Literature
  • Enjoys nature, reading, studying English, and swimming
  • BA in Business Administration
  • Enjoys weaving, spending time with her family, and going out for a bike ride
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