Meet the Spanish Tutors

All of our teachers are certified instructors who have been teaching Spanish online for over 15 years.
Learn more about each tutor and read Student Testimonials on their personal profile pages.


  • Masters Degree in Social Work
  • “Teaching Spanish as a Second Language” Certificate 
  • “Medical Spanish for Foreign Students” Certificate
  • Enjoys playing basketball with her kids, cooking traditional Guatemalan food, Latin music, and dancing.


  • BA in Elementary Education
  • Diploma in “Grammar for Foreigners” and Medical Spanish
  • Certificates in “Latin American History” & “Guatemalan Tourist sites”
  • Enjoys walking in the mountains, listening to music, dancing, reading, and drinking good coffee.


  • Degree from the Universidad Galileo Guatemala
  • Develops a customized learning plan following student assessment
  • Focuses on pronunciation and comprehension in order to achieve fluency
  • Loves and enjoys her job as a Spanish teacher.


  • BA in “Teaching Spanish as a Second Language to Foreign Students”
  • “Medical Spanish for Foreign Students” certificate
  • Teaching style based on grammar, phonetics, and writing with an emphasis on conversation and vocabulary.
  • Enjoys walking her dog, reading, and listening to music.


  • BA in Secondary Education 
  • Uses a multimedia approach with flashcards, songs, and video clips based on the student interests and needs
  • Preferred teaching method is total language immersion
  • Enjoys history, cooking, Guatemalan literature, reading, and helping people learn a new language


  • BA in Elementary Education, BA in Teaching English as a Second Language to Foreign Students, Dressmaking degree, Law degree
  • Flexible teaching style that tailors your lessons to your interests
  • Certificates in “Medical Spanish for Foreign Students” and the “History and Culture of Guatemala”
  • Enjoys producing videos, traveling, hiking, and making clothes. 

Rosa María

  • BA in Teaching Castilian as a Foreign Language
  • Certificate in “Medical Spanish for Foreign Students”
  • Flexible teaching style to meet the needs of learners
  • Enjoys teaching salsa dancing, reading about medical topics, volunteering with children with disabilities, butterflies, customs and traditions of the Maya, Guatemala legends, and religious topics.


  • BA in Secondary Education in Language and Literature, Teaching Spanish Language and Literature
  • Certificates in “Medical Spanish for Foreign Students” and “Teaching Spanish as a Second Language for Foreign Students”
  • Teaching style focuses on conversation, homework exercises, reading to increase vocabulary, and grammar explanations.
  • Enjoys nature, reading, studying English, swimming, and cooking traditional Guatemalan food.
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