For the past 30 years I have been teaching Spanish to students at all levels and ages. My students have been medical professionals, business executives and university professors of theology and literature. I particularly enjoy, and have been specially trained in, tutoring using a multimedia approach with flashcards, figures, songs and video clips; all based on subjects tailored to the student’s interests and needs. I cover a wide range of conversation topics which I am well versed in; from Literature and Art to Pop Culture and Sports. The lessons are always intended to be fun, interesting and engaging. Students not only learn the Spanish language, but also gain a better understanding of Guatemalan and Latin American culture. Finally, students with interests in cooking and food may elect to incorporate cooking lessons. Not only will you learn to cook local Guatemalan dishes, but you’ll be learning Spanish and the vocabulary used in the kitchen and recipes.

My preferred teaching method is total language immersion, taking into account the student’s level, age, abilities and limitations. I have started group discussion classes with up to 3 students for advanced students. This allows students the opportunity to communicate with each other and have an instructor present.

Teaching Experience

I started teaching Spanish in 1989, and I have been teaching Spanish online first through Speak Shop since 2007 and now with Pronto Spanish. I also taught in-person in Antigua, Guatemala at the Spanish immersion school Probigua for many years. I was voted “Tutor of the Year” in 2008 by my students in Speak Shop.


am accredited by the Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala. Additionally, I have taken focused workshops on Hispanic grammar and literature, as well as human relations, medicine, tourism, education, the history of Guatemala and Latin America.  

Degrees/Certificates/Courses Completed for Teaching Spanish

  • 1984 – 1986 Secondary School Teacher of Language and Social, Francisco Marroquín University
  • 1989 – Training for Spanish as a Second Language, San José el Viejo school of languages
  • 1997 – Conference Técnicas de Enseñanza del Idioma Español como Segunda Lengua, AmeriSpan and Associated Schools
  • 1997- International Conference of Professional Development for Language Teachers, AmeriSpan Unlimited and Instituto de Cultura y Lengua costarricense
  • 2000 – Course of Spanish American History and Literature, Spanish Academy PROBIGUA
  • 2001 – University Certified in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language for Foreign Students, Rafael Landívar University
  • 2002 – Conference “Cultura Turística”, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo INGUAT
  • 2002 – Conference “Excelencia en el Mundo Maya”, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo INGUAT
  • 2004 – Training for Spanish Online Teacher, Speak Shop
  • 2006 – ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) Proficiency Guidelines  SUPERIOR, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language, United States
  • 2008 – Medical Spanish for Foreign Students, Spanish Academy PROBIGUA
  • 2012 – Certified to teach Spanish Classes for Work, Speak Shop & Pronto Spanish

Personal Information

I am a simple person who likes to read, study and help people. I love history and I especially love to read Guatemalan literature. I love to teach and show foreigners my culture and the best of Guatemala so that they might learn to love my country too. I want all foreigners to understand why I am proud to be a guatemalateca

Student Testimonials

“I’d like to say that I’ve really enjoyed working with Milvia. She is a great tutor when you just want to have a conversation, but she also reminds you that grammar knowledge and study is essential to speak more clearly. She has been helping me as I transition from a French teaching position to a French/Spanish position. Lastly, I’ve really appreciated how Milvia incorporates conversations about her culture and her pride for her country.
Dana M., Teacher

I have been a student of Milvia’s for some time now and can’t wait to sing her praises. Milvia is a fabulous Spanish teacher and has helped me in so many ways improve orally and in written Spanish. She challenges me! She has always created such a comfortable environment to learn. I look forward to classes with her as she makes classes engaging and productive.


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