Spanish for the Workplace – Instructor Pack



The Spanish the Workplace Instructor Pack includes 15 English-Spanish vocabulary lists, along with ideas on how to practice and use it in your class. These vocabulary lists are designed to save you time and not “reinvent the wheel.” The 13 pdfs could be sent to your students digitally during the appropriate lesson or copied for your students and used for reference during your onsite course. Topics and vocabulary lists are designed to accompany the online Spanish for the Workplace eLearning course, which include:

  1. Job Titles
  2. Receptions
  3. Safety Equipment
  4. Job Application
  5. Basic Hiring
  6. Interview Questions
  7. Benefits
  8. Medical Insurance
  9. Verification and Pay
  10. Schedules and Shifts
  11. Training and Supervisory Expressions
  12. Job Expectations and Performance
  13. Complaints and Warnings




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