Spanish Resources Alone Do NOT Equal Fluency

Clarifying Purpose

I have learned a lot in the past year, as we all have. I don’t know how many entrepreneurs would admit this, but I feel very comfortable saying this about my Spanish resources:

My eLearning, print, and digital resources will not make a person fluent in Spanish.

WHAT? Did I just actually say that? Why would a businesswoman say such a thing?
It is because I figured out my Why. I became clear on my purpose.

Language barriers can be overcome to welcome, include, and improve everyone’s health and safety.

The How and the What from Sinek’s Golden Circle are easy. Clarifying one’s purpose and putting your Superpower to work is what is important to make a difference.

So what is the “trick” to Spanish fluency then?

Language students NEED to apply what they are learning with another person. They need to PRACTICE the language – practice speaking and practice listening. What is the best way? Obviously immersion is best, but this is not often possible. Therefore, 1-on-1 tutoring works well for many or a classroom setting for others. Many find conversation partners and conversation groups especially helpful. I personally prefer watching movies in Spanish. Still others prefer memorizing vocabulary lists until they have the opportunity to speak. There is no single path nor resource that will “make” someone fluent and be able to communicate well in the workplace or in the community.

I like to think of learning another language as a Venn diagram. It takes many different overlapping approaches to achieve the end goal of communication.

Pronto Spanish Workplace Communication

One of the most valuable lessons learned is that I cannot be all things to all people. I am good at what I do – offering basic Spanish resources in a digital format to help instructors teach conversational Spanish courses and Spanish for the workplace. But these resources alone will not make a person fluent. 

Great Teaching, Student Dedication, & Resources

Great teaching, student dedication, and quality resources will help students on their path to fluency. These will get to my Why of overcoming language barriers. I am passionate about providing quality Spanish resources for educators to help bridge the communication gap between English and Spanish-speakers. This is my superpower. 

What about you? What is your superpower?

Pronto Spanish currently has over 160 vocabulary modules in 18 different courses where Spanish instructors can use as is or can customize into an online curriculum for their needs.

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