Our Mission is Simple...

To help you learn the Spanish you need for your job and your life – on your own time, at your own pace.

Pronto Spanish will begin offering 1-on-1 and Small Group tutoring services starting January 1, 2022. For current Speak Shop customers, please continue your normal registration process through Speak Shop until December 31, 2021. More information on how to register for your tutoring sessions in January will be available later this month.

Helping to "Bridge the Gap in Comunicación"

Pronto Spanish has evolved from teaching Spanish weekend immersion courses in our local area to becoming a national leader in occupational Spanish materials – where students learn Spanish both in print and online. We offer online courses, instructor materials, books, onsite training, and customization options.

Learn workplace vocabulary not found in a typical Spanish course with our self-paced industry-specific Spanish courses.  You even have the option to practice with your own individual tutor!

Course Offerings:
Spanish for the Workplace
Spanish for Banking
Spanish for Construction
Spanish for Dentists
Spanish for Firefighters
Spanish for Food Service
Spanish for Hospitality & Housekeeping
Spanish for Manufacturing
Spanish for Social Services

If you’d like more structure, have assignments, and be able to ask a Spanish instructor questions, the instructor-led courses may be a good fit. Offered through ed2go (with the founder of Pronto Spanish as the author and facilitator), the courses are in a 6-week format, with a new course starting each month.

Course Offerings: 
Spanish for Medical Professionals I
Spanish for Medical Professionals II
Spanish in the Classroom
Spanish for Law Enforcement

General Spanish Course Offerings:
Speed Spanish 1
Speed Spanish 2
Speed Spanish 3

Utilize interactive, online eBooks that support the instructor and supplement the Spanish classroom and virtual learning.

Conversemos 1
Conversemos 2
Conversemos 3
Conversemos 4

Pronto Spanish can customize a Spanish-English training program for your employees. We can:

Bring a language trainer to your facility
Utilize our occupational eLearning courses
Set up a Conversation Partner/Group Program with your employees
Train in-house bilingual employees to continue the program


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